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JMS Connector


The Jitterbit JMS Connector makes it possible to work with Java Message Service (JMS)-compliant systems to perform data transformations, conduct in-depth analysis, and apply diagnostics, including error handling, logging, notification, and reporting.

The JMS Connector helps achieve asynchronous communication between loosely-coupled systems with the added benefit of data transformations. Use the JMS Connector to push data to a topic or queue, perform operations on a schedule, or process urgent messages immediately. You can use it to automate processes that involve JMS-compliant systems and apply priority processing to specific records in queues and topics.

The Jitterbit JMS Connector:

  • Extends any JMS-compliant system such as Apache ActiveMQ, Eclipse Open MQ, IBM MQ (formerly IBM WebSphere MQ), Rabbit MQ, Tibco Messaging or other JMS-compliant Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs)
  • Supports core JMS functionality
  • Sends messages in real time, on a schedule, or through APIs
  • Through the use of Jitterbit project and global variables, allows the creation of dynamic activities
  • Can apply complex data transformations or validations to JMS messages
  • Allows users to build new features without disrupting existing integrations
  • Provides for additional diagnostic and analytics capabilities

Standard JMS operations are supported:

  • Sending data to a queue or topic and receiving confirmation responses
  • Listening for messages to process data in real time
  • Browsing or Polling data from a queue to retrieve information
  • Publishing to a topic for subscribers
  • Transforming data as needed in an operation

This section covers installation and setup instructions, guidance on setting up a JMS endpoint, and using JMS operations in a Jitterbit project.


  • The Jitterbit JMS Connector does not provide a JMS endpoint or JMS queue. Instead, it provides access and integration with JMS providers running on either the same machine as the Jitterbit Private Agent or on other hosts.
  • Currently, the JMS Connector may only be used with integrations that use Jitterbit Private Agents.