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Microsoft Dynamics AX connector


Jitterbit allows you to easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with any cloud, mobile or on-premises software application. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector allows secure, high-performance data integration in a wizard-driven manner. This Jitterbit connector is purpose-built for native Dynamics AX connectivity and supports 2009, AX4, and 2012 editions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The first job of a connector is to connect to a business system. There are often several ways to access data and functions within a system including defined APIs, database access, and vendor specific frameworks. Jitterbit builds connectors based on the most common business requirements and the native functions provided by each system.

Jitterbit's Dynamics AX connector takes advantage of Microsoft's Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF). You simply load your Dynamics AX AIF WSDLs into Jitterbit, and the Jitterbit connector provides a set of graphical interfaces to transform and integrate data with your specific AX services.

The Jitterbit connector supports both standard and custom objects within your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

This section provides details about the Jitterbit Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector such as Installation/Setup instructions and guidance on setting up a Dynamics AX endpoint. To see that information, visit the associated pages listed.

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