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Oracle EBS connector


Oracle systems, including Oracle Databases and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), store vast amounts of data that power daily operations for thousands of companies. But without an integration platform, it's difficult and time consuming to connect employees and customers with the valuable data stored in Oracle systems.

The Harmony cloud integration platform simplifies and accelerates the process of connecting Oracle systems to other applications, including CRM, ERP, and analytics systems, so that companies can automate processes, eliminate manual work, and improve data quality. When systems are connected, companies become more agile, move faster, and develop a deeper understanding of their operations.

Jitterbit customers such as Bayer, LA Metro, Odyssey Logistics, Sunkist, and more have successfully connected Oracle systems with other applications in order to achieve critical business goals, ranging from real-time mobile payments to automatically accepting bids for services – all without writing any custom code.

Using Harmony to synchronize accounts, customers, orders, opportunities, products, and other information allows companies to get the most out of their Oracle systems and stay focused on innovation. It's a smarter approach to integration.

Oracle integration benefits

  • Pre-built Oracle Connector accelerates the integration process
  • Compatible with other Oracle systems such as Oracle EBS
  • Make the most of the data stored in Oracle systems
  • Automate business processes and eliminate manual data entry
  • Create a single complete view of customer and product data

Benefits of connectivity

  • Gain real-time visibility into all aspects of the business
  • Save time and empower employees to focus on their core jobs
  • Ensure that data is accurate and synchronized everywhere
  • Automate processes and streamline business operations
  • Enable real-time customer self-service
  • Customize sales and marketing offers for customers
  • Realize return on investment quickly, with low total cost of ownership

Oracle EBS connector supported versions

The Jitterbit Oracle EBS Connector supports Oracle E-Business Suite versions 10x, 11x, and 12x. Oracle concurrent programs are applicable in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.x and 12.1.x.

Oracle EBS connector functionality

The Oracle EBS Connector allows you to connect to your Oracle EBS applications and access Oracle EBS concurrent programs for use in Jitterbit integrations. The following activities are available under the Oracle EBS Connector in Jitterbit Studio.

  • EBS Connector Endpoint
    Each endpoint represents the connection URL and login credentials for a specific Oracle EBS instance. Creating the endpoint allows Jitterbit to access the account to perform the requested operations. You must create at least one EBS endpoint in order to use the other activities available in the Oracle EBS Connector.
  • EBS Connector Concurrency Programs
    Use Oracle EBS concurrent programs to access Oracle EBS data and functions. This allows Jitterbit to populate Oracle interface tables, execute concurrent programs, and retrieve status information about the execution. This activity can be used to inspect the integration repository for the schema of the interface tables for the selected concurrent program(s), as well as the parameters required to execute the concurrent program.

Access the Oracle EBS connector in Jitterbit

Within your project within Jitterbit Studio, there are several ways to access the activities available within the Oracle EBS Connector:

  • Go to File > New > Connectors, then select the desired EBS activity.

  • In the tree on the left under Connectors, right-click on the Oracle EBS category, then select the desired EBS activity.

  • In the tree on the left under Connectors, double-click on the Oracle EBS category, then right-click on the desired EBS activity and choose the option to create the new activity.

  • In the top toolbar, click the connector icon (orange jigsaw piece) attachment. In the popup, select Oracle EBS, then select the desired EBS activity.

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