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QuickBooks connector OAuth 1.0a implementation


All existing QuickBooks users are required to migrate to OAuth 2.0 authentication by December 17, 2019. See the Intuit Developer Blog Post April 10, 2019 and the Intuit OAuth Blog for additional information.

Intuit OAuth 1.0a information

These OAuth 1.0 service URLs are provided in the QuickBooks product documentation:

  • Request Token URL:
  • User Authorization URL:
  • Access Token URL:

Reconnect information

Description Invalidates the OAuth access token used in the request and generates a new one, thereby extending the lifespan by 180 days. Because accessing QuickBooks data requires a valid access token, when the OAuth access token is renewed, your app can continue to access the user's QuickBooks company data.
Authorization The request header must include the OAuth parameters defined by OAuth Core 1.0 Revision A.
Success Return Code If the reconnect is successful, the XML response includes the <ErrorCode> element with a 0 value, a new OAuthToken, and new OAuthTokenSecret.
Errors For cases where the token renewal fails, the response includes one of these error codes and the corresponding error message:
  • Error code 22: The API requires authorization
  • Error code 24: The app is not approved for the API
  • Error code 212: The request is made outside the 30-day window bounds
  • Error code 270: The OAuth access token has expired