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SAP connector prerequisites


Certain prerequisites, as described here, are required to use the SAP Connector for Harmony Design Studio.

Supported SAP versions

An SAP instance using ECC version 6 or later, or SAP S/4HANA single-tenant is required.

Jitterbit's SAP connector relies on the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) library and network connectivity to communicate with ECC or S/4HANA. Customers must enable network connectivity between Harmony agents and the necessary SAP components, such as the SAP Application Server and the SAP Gateway. This may require changes to the network configuration of the on-premises or cloud hosting service (such as SAP RISE).

Supported Harmony agent versions

Harmony agents that are version or later are required.

Both private agents and cloud agents are supported. If cloud agents are used, no further configuration is necessary.

If private agents are used, they must have certain libraries provided by SAP installed. See SAP connector installation.


Beginning with private agent version 10.54, Jitterbit's SAP connectors will no longer work until you install these libraries as described in SAP connector installation. You can install the libraries prior to upgrading to 10.54 or later to prepare for the upgrade, or you can install them after upgrading to 10.54 or later.

These files persist on post-10.54 private agent upgrades, so this process needs to be followed only a single time on each private agent machine.

Supported activities

The SAP Connector supports these methods of communicating with SAP:

To use outbound IDocs, the Jitterbit SAP event listener is required. The Jitterbit SAP Event Listener is a locally installed application that listens for IDocs that are outbound from SAP. Its configuration requires the use of this connector to configure an SAP IDoc Event as part of a Design Studio operation. Once the SAP Event Listener is fully configured, the IDocs that it receives trigger the Design Studio operation.

The Jitterbit SAP Event Listener has its own set of additional prerequisites for installation as detailed in the Prerequisites for SAP event listener.