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Siebel connector


Jitterbit allows you to easily integrate the Siebel platform with any cloud, mobile or on-premises software application. The JItterbit Siebel Connector allows secure, high-performance data integration in a wizard-driven manner. It brings unprecedented agility to the Siebel platform, helping organizations take full advantage of Siebel's complex configuration and forecasting capabilities, as well as vertical-specific tools, by connecting Siebel with other enterprise applications.

The Jitterbit Siebel Connector provides the market's only fully bi-directional real-time integration solution for Siebel CRM. Jitterbit's intuitive "clicks not code" user interface offers business users the fastest way to connect Siebel implementations to thousands of endpoints. By connecting to digital cloud services including eSignature, CPQ, social marketing, or analytics, Siebel users can immediately amplify the value of their existing implementations.

Features of the Jitterbit Siebel Connector include the ability to:

  • Connect any cloud or on-premises app to Siebel
  • Synchronize Siebel with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and other back office systems
  • Automate sales and service processes across the front and back office
  • Expose Siebel securely through an API to enable real-time connectivity
  • Access the complete Siebel data model, including all standard and custom data objects
  • Connect to cloud services including CRM, eSignature, CPQ, social marketing, and analytics
  • Create flexible hybrid CRM deployments and faster CRM migrations

This section provides details about the Jitterbit Siebel Connector such as Installation/Setup instructions and guidance on setting up a Siebel endpoint.

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