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Formula Builder


You can enhance and refine your wizard-created data processes by using the Jitterbit Formula Builder to enter Jitterbit Scripts. Scripts have many uses.

For example:

  • A script can be used in a transformation mapping to create a target data element from source data.
  • You can manipulate any field's value during a transformation with a script.
  • Free-standing scripts can perform a calculation or set project variables.
  • With the Formula Builder, you can use mathematical operators, concatenate text strings, or use Jitterbit functions to perform sophisticated operations.

The Formula Builder includes a drop-down allowing you to view the tool's interface in either Business Analyst or Developer modes:

  • Business Analyst mode will prompt you through a wizard to enter the required and optional parameters of a function.
  • Developer mode bypasses the wizard and lets you directly enter the function definition into a script so that you complete its arguments in the script editor.


Data Types

These data types are supported in Jitterbit Scripts:

Type Description Classification
binary Binary Data
bit Bit Data
bool Boolean Logical
int Integer Numerical
double Double Numerical
float Float Numerical
long Long Numerical
date Date Date & Time
timespan Timespan (Date with a time) Date & Time
string String String
array Array Collection
dictionary Dictionary (also known as a map) Collection
instance Instance in a data source or target Schema
node Node in a schema of a data source or target Schema
type Any of these types Data
null Null value Data
var Variable reference, either local or global Script

Functions Index

These indexes link to the specific documentation for each of the Jitterbit Script and Jitterbit JavaScript functions available in Jitterbit.

Jitterbit Script Functions


  • Single Agent Only: Functions marked as Single Agent only are to be used only with a single Private Agent as they do not work when using Cloud Agents or multiple Private Agents.
  • Deprecated: Functions marked as Deprecated should no longer be used as they may be removed in a future version of Jitterbit.
Function Jitterbit Script Function Category Single Agent Only Deprecated
<SEQUENCE> Database
<UDF> Database
AddToDict Dictionary and Array
AESDecryption Cryptography
AESEncryption Cryptography
ArchiveFile File
ArgumentList General
Array Dictionary and Array
ArrayToMultipleValues LDAP
Attribute XML
AutoNumber General Deprecated
Base64Decode Cryptography
Base64Encode Cryptography
Base64EncodeFile Cryptography
BinaryToHex Conversion
BinaryToUUID Conversion
Bool Conversion
CacheLookup Database
CallStoredProcedure Database
CancelOperation General
CancelOperationChain General
Case Logical
Ceiling Math
Collection Dictionary and Array
CollectValues Dictionary and Array
ConvertTimeZone Date and Time
Count Instance
CountSourceRecords Instance
CountSubString String
CreateJwtToken JWT
CreateNode XML
CVTDate Date and Time
Date Conversion
DateAdd Date and Time
DayOfMonth Date and Time
DayOfWeek Date and Time
DBCloseConnection Database
DBExecute Database
DBLoad Database
DBLookup Database
DBLookupAll Database
DBRollbackTransaction Database
DBWrite Database
DebugBreak Debugging
DecodeJwtToken JWT
DeleteFile File
DeleteFiles File
Dict Dictionary and Array
DiffAdd Diff
DiffComplete Diff
DiffDelete Diff
DiffKeyList Diff
DiffNode Diff
DiffUpdate Diff
DirList File
Double Conversion
DQuote String
Equal Logical
Eval General
Exist Instance
Exp Math
FileList File
FindByPos Instance
FindValue Instance
Float Conversion
Floor Math
FlushAllFiles File
FlushFile File
Format String
FormatDate Date and Time
FromDataLoaderDate Salesforce Deprecated
FromDataLoaderDateTime Salesforce Deprecated
GeneralDate Date and Time
Get General
GetAgentGroupID Environment Information
GetAgentGroupName Environment Information
GetAgentID Environment Information
GetAgentName Environment Information
GetAgentVersionID Environment Information
GetAgentVersionName Environment Information
GetChunkDataElement General
GetEnvironmentID Environment Information
GetEnvironmentName Environment Information
GetHostByIP General
GetInputString General
GetInstance Instance
GetJwtHeader JWT
GetJwtPayload JWT
GetJwtSignature JWT
GetKeys Dictionary and Array
GetLastError Logging and Error
GetLastOperationRunStartTime General Single Agent only
GetName General
GetNodeName XML
GetNodeValue XML
GetOperationQueue General Single Agent only
GetOrganizationID Environment Information
GetOrganizationName Environment Information
GetSalesforceTimestamp Salesforce
GetServerName General
GetSourceAttrNames Dictionary and Array
GetSourceElementNames Dictionary and Array
GetSourceInstanceArray Dictionary and Array
GetSourceInstanceElementArray Dictionary and Array
GetSourceInstanceElementMap Dictionary and Array
GetSourceInstanceMap Dictionary and Array
GetUTCFormattedDate Date and Time
GetUTCFormattedDateTime Date and Time
GetXMLString XML
GUID General
HasKey Dictionary and Array
HexToBinary Conversion
HexToString Conversion
If Logical
IfEmpty General
IfNull General
Index String
InitCounter General Single Agent only
InitializeDiff Diff
InList General
Int Conversion
IsInteger General
IsNull General
IsValid General
IsValidString String
LastDayOfMonth Date and Time
LDAPDeleteEntry LDAP
Left String
Length General
Log Math
Log10 Math
Long Conversion
LongDate Date and Time
LongTime Date and Time
LPad String
LPadChar String
LTrim String
LTrimChars String
Map Dictionary and Array
MapCache Dictionary and Array
Max Instance
MD5 Cryptography
MD5AsTwoNumbers Cryptography
MediumDate Date and Time
MediumTime Date and Time
Mid String
Min Instance
Mod Math
MonthOfYear Date and Time
NetSuiteGetSelectValue Connector
NetSuiteGetServerTime Connector
NetSuiteLogin Connector
Now_ Date and Time
Now Date and Time
Null General
OrderedDiffKeyList Diff
ParseURL String
PLM360GetItemVersionId Connector
PLM360Login Connector
PLM360Logout Connector
Pow Math
Quote String
RaiseError Logging and Error
Random General
RandomString General
ReadArrayString General
ReadCache Cache
ReadFile File
RecordCount General Deprecated
ReduceDimension Dictionary and Array
RegExMatch String
RegExReplace String
RemoveKey Dictionary and Array
Replace String
ReRunOperation General
ResetDiff Diff
ResetLastError Logging and Error
ResolveOneOf Instance
Right String
Round Math
RoundToInt Math
RPad String
RPadChar String
RTrim String
RTrimChars String
RunOperation General
RunOperationFromProject General
RunPlugin General
RunScript General
SalesforceLogin Salesforce
SelectNodeFromXMLAny XML
SelectNodes XML
SelectNodesFromXMLAny XML
SelectSingleNode XML
SendEmail Email
SendEmailMessage Email
SendSystemEmail Email
Set General
SetDBInsert Database
SetDBUpdate Database
SetDiffChunkSize Diff
SetInstances Instance
SetLastError Logging and Error
SetSalesforceSession Salesforce
SfCacheLookup Salesforce
SfLookup Salesforce
SfLookupAll Salesforce
SfLookupAllToFile Salesforce
SHA256 Cryptography
ShortDate Date and Time
ShortTime Date and Time
Sleep General
SortArray Dictionary and Array
SortInstances Instance
SourceInstanceCount General
Split String
SplitCSV String
SQLEscape Database
Sqrt Math
String Conversion
StringLength String
StringToHex Conversion
Sum Instance
SumCSV Instance
SumString Instance
TargetInstanceCount General
ToLower String
ToProper String
ToUpper String
Trim String
TrimChars String
Truncate String
Unmap Database
URLDecode String
URLEncode String
UUIDToBinary Conversion
Validate Text Validation
VerifyJwt JWT
VerifyJwtClaims JWT
WaitForOperation General
While Logical
WriteCache Cache
WriteFile File
WriteToOperationLog Logging and Error

JavaScript Functions


  • Single Agent Only: Functions marked as Single Agent only are to be used only with a single Private Agent as they do not work when using Cloud Agents or multiple Private Agents.
  • Deprecated: Functions marked as Deprecated should no longer be used as they may be removed in a future version of Jitterbit.