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Formula Builder


You can enhance and refine your wizard-created data processes by using the Jitterbit Formula Builder to enter Jitterbit Scripts. Scripts have many uses.

For example:

  • A script can be used in a transformation mapping to create a target data element from source data.
  • You can manipulate any field's value during a transformation with a script.
  • Free-standing scripts can perform a calculation or set project variables.
  • With the Formula Builder, you can use mathematical operators, concatenate text strings, or use Jitterbit functions to perform sophisticated operations.

The Formula Builder includes a drop-down allowing you to view the tool's interface in either Business Analyst or Developer modes:

  • Business Analyst mode will prompt you through a wizard to enter the required and optional parameters of a function.
  • Developer mode bypasses the wizard and lets you directly enter the function definition into a script so that you complete its arguments in the script editor.


Data Types

These data types are supported in Jitterbit Scripts:

Type Description Classification
binary Binary Data
bit Bit Data
bool Boolean Logical
int Integer Numerical
double Double Numerical
float Float Numerical
long Long Numerical
date Date Date & Time
timespan Timespan (Date with a time) Date & Time
string String String
array Array Collection
dictionary Dictionary (also known as a map) Collection
instance Instance in a data source or target Schema
node Node in a schema of a data source or target Schema
type Any of these types Data
null Null value Data
var Variable reference, either local or global Script