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Jitterbit Connect Salesforce Wizards


The Jitterbit Salesforce Connector is the fastest and simplest way for Salesforce users to integrate their sales, marketing, and support processes with other in-house or cloud-based systems, from on-premises ERP systems to cloud applications. Without requiring assistance from IT, Jitterbit is able to quickly and easily integrate data such as leads, customers, opportunities, and cases with other applications, giving Salesforce users a single, reliable view of the latest customer and product information.

Features and benefits of the Jitterbit Salesforce Connector include:

  • Empowering sales and support to view complete customer information from anywhere
  • Amplifying the value of customer information in Salesforce by connecting other systems
  • Establishing a clear system of record to eliminate data duplication and inaccuracy
  • Tapping into the power of the Internet-of-Things and connected devices
  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete access to all Salesforce data through Salesforce Connect

Supported API Versions and Prerequisites

A Salesforce account that does not have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled is required. To configure a Salesforce account without MFA, make sure that the Permission Set assigned to the Salesforce system integration login does not have the selection Multi-Factor Authentication for API Logins. System integration login types are exempt from Salesforce's MFA requirement, as described by Salesforce in Is MFA required for my integration users? in their documentation Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ.

The Salesforce API version that is used depends on the agent and Design Studio version you are using:

The API version that the connector uses for non-bulk activities depends on the Harmony Agent version:

Agent and Design Studio Version Salesforce SOAP API Version Salesforce Release
11.23 or later
10.85 or later
60.0 Spring '24
11.18 to 11.22
10.80 to 10.84
59.0 Winter '24
11.11 to 11.17
10.73 to 10.79
58.0 Summer '23
11.7 to 11.10
10.69 to 10.72
57.0 Spring '23
11.0 to 11.6
10.55 to 10.68
54.0 Spring '22
10.44 to 10.54 52.0 Summer '21
10.42 to 10.43 51.0 Fall '21
10.28 to 10.41 50.0 Winter '21
10.23 to 10.27 49.0 Summer '20
10.17 to 10.22 48.0 Spring '20
10.11 to 10.16 47.0 Winter '20
10.3 to 10.10 45.0 Spring '19
9.8 to 10.2 44.0 Winter '19
9.4.2 to 9.7 41.0 Winter '18

The SOAP-based Salesforce Bulk API is used for bulk activities.

The Salesforce Bulk API uses a X-SFDC-Session header populated with a session ID fetched using a Salesforce SOAP API login() call for valid requests.

Agent upgrades that skip Salesforce SOAP API versions implicitly include support for intermediate API versions.

Refer to documentation provided in the links above for information on the schema fields.

You must be using both a Harmony Agent and Design Studio version that meets the above requirements to use the listed Salesforce API version. When opening an existing Design Studio project that uses the Salesforce connector and meets both agent and Design Studio version requirements, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest supported Salesforce API version.

Connector Overview

This section provides details about the Jitterbit Salesforce Connector including creating and configuring a Salesforce endpoint.

Available wizards:

Advanced options for connecting to Salesforce:

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