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Test an operation


The Test Operations tool performs both the Source Data test and the Transformation test at once.

There are a few circumstances when you must perform this test as an alternative to the Source Data-Transformation test sequence:

  • Your Source is file-based and you don't have a local copy of the data file.

  • You have multiple operations with different sources, but with the same transformation. For example, you may have an East coast and a West coast FTP server, both of which hold a catalog data file. You can use the Test Operation tool to compare the transformation results from the different locations.

Steps for testing an operation

  • Click the green check-mark gear attachment button in the Transformation toolbar.

  • If there is more than one operation using the transformation, an Input Data dialog appears listing all the operations that currently use this transformation. Select the appropriate operation in the list, then click the select button to continue. If there is only one, the transformation will run immediately.

  • The software immediately performs the transformation, using data from the specified Source. Both the Source and Target data are loaded into the Transformation map window.


Running the Test Operation is similar to pressing the operation's Do Now button, except that both the Source and Target's data are loaded into the Transformation map window.