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Required Plugins

This topic covers procedures to determine whether your operation requires a plug-in and, if so, whether the plug-in is installed. (Note that plug-ins are not applied to a project. They are directly applied to an element in an operation. In Harmony, they need to be applied to an environment before you can apply them to the operation.)


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and Support in Plugins.

  • With the operation open in your workspace, click View > Required plug-ins.


  • A new pane will appear on the right side of your workspace.

  • In this example, a plug-in is required.

  • With operations that do not require a plug-in, the message will be, "No plug-ins are used."

  • To determine whether a required plug-in is installed on the Agent, click the green Checkmark near the top right corner of the pane.

  • If the plug-in is installed, you will receive the following confirmation:


  • If the required plug-in is not installed on the Agent, you will receive a message like this: