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Scripts, written using either the Jitterbit Script Language or JavaScript, are used to manipulate data or to perform logic checks. You can run scripts by using the RunScript() function or by inserting them into an operation. See Create a Script for more information.

Conditions also fall under the scripting category, although they do not require you to write any scripts. Instead, conditions provide a simple, visual way to create conditional operations (such as "If this...then that"), without needing to create a script. See Create a Condition for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you randomly generate a number using scripting?

A: These are examples to generate a random number, depending on your use case. For additional information, see Formula Builder General Functions.


Random(0, 9999999);

RandomString(7, "0123456789");

Q: How do you validate an e-mail address?

A: See Email Functions for an example.