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Configure a Microsoft Access Database Target

Connecting to Microsoft Access is only available on a Jitterbit Private Agents installed on Windows OS. The Microsoft Access ODBC driver is typically installed as part of Windows.

When defining the Microsoft Access targets (or sources) in Jitterbit projects, use the option "Construct connection string manually" with the format driver name, database path, username, password, separated by semi-colons:

  • DRIVER=<select the driver name from the drop down list>;
  • DBQ=<\\path\name.mdb>;
  • UID=<userid>;
  • PWD=<pwd>;

See also Connect to Microsoft Access for additional information and examples.


`DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver *.mdb)};DBQ=\\server\share\myDB.mdb;UID=;PWD=;`

`DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver *.mdb, *.accdb))};DBQ=\\server\share\myDB.accdb;UID=username;PWD=password;`

When creating a transformation using Microsoft Access as a source or target in a Jitterbit project, you are prompted to select database objects early in the wizard. The Microsoft Access ODBC driver does not support searching objects. Do not enter criteria into the search string, as it will not produce results.