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File Share

In a network, File Shares are a way to identify a shared file in a computer without having to specify (or know) the storage device it is on. File Shares are available for the Windows and Linux operating systems. The format or name space for specifying a file share follows the format:


The servername can be replaced by an IP address.

The Jitterbit Harmony Private Agent can access file shares as either a source or target store for files. Jitterbit will connect to the file share specified in the Source or Target using the credentials provided in the Source/Target configuration. These credentials must be sufficient to perform the action intended (read or write) for the operation to succeed.

Jitterbit is limited by restrictions imposed by the file share being accessed:

  • It is bound by security and access control set for the user defined in the Source or Target for that given file share.

  • If the file share permits only a certain number of connections, Jitterbit will be bound to that limit.

  • As most file shares do not permit multiple users changing a given file concurrently, if a file is being used by another user or process, Jitterbit will not be able to change it.