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Dynamic XML schema generation

You can create an XML schema from an existing XML data file.

  • Open a new Transformation Wizard:


  • Type a Name for the project.

  • Select XML from the Source dropdown.

  • Select Database from the Target dropdown.

  • Click Next. The first Source screen appears.


  • Select the Radio Button labeled Create a new XML structure from a sample file (next page).

  • Click Next. The second Source screen appears.


  • Select a Sample File by clicking one of the Radio Buttons under step 1.

  • Optional: Type a File Name for the new XSD in the window under step 2. If you leave this window empty, Jitterbit automatically generates a file name.

  • Click the Generate Button. The newly created XSD, with file path, appears in the window under step 3 and the Open Folder button is activated.

  • Click Open Folder to open the folder where the new XSD is located. The folder opens on your computer screen.

  • Click Next and continue creating the transformation as you would in any wizard.