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Request and response data element display

Control data element display

To help simplify the display, you can use the Show Only Data tool to hide all the data elements that do not have any value associated with them.

  • Click the transformationtoolkit16 button in the Transformation toolbar, select Show only data, then choose any combination of the Source Tree and/or Target Tree sub-menu options.

  • Depending on your filter setting, the hierarchical tree that displays the Source and Target data elements will show/hide elements that do not contain any content.

  • To return back to the default state that displays all data elements, deselect both items in the Show only data's sub-menu.

For more information on hierarchical entities see Hierarchical entity path notation explained for additional information and examples.

Red nodes

During mapping, a red node color may display, indicating the node has to be mapped to or the target will not be valid. For example, a non-null database target column is not mapped to, or a required attribute for an "E" element has not been mapped to.

To delete an optional node (E.g., E? or E*), create a condition on the node and configure it as false.