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Design Studio Troubleshooting


Use this "Troubleshooting and Debugging" section to help you figure out why something is not right with your integration efforts. Browse the "Pages in this Category" listing or the Frequently Asked Questions for ideas and suggestions that may help.

This section will grow in value as more and more Jitterbit users contribute to the pages. Please feel free to use the Comment Box at the bottom of the pages to contribute your experiences as well as ask questions. Thanks in advance - Your thoughts may very well help others with their troubleshooting.

For additional information, see the Error Handling Best Practices Tech Talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the support provided for the analysis of transformations that failed to be accepted by the ETL process?

A: Success/failure record files from Salesforce wizard or operation logs or custom event triggers.

Q: Are built-in functions available for Data Validations?

A: Yes. Jitterbit supports data validations in numerous ways. Simple validations (i.e. data length) are accomplished using built-in functions. Multiple complex validations are accomplished by using additional Jitterbit operations while the data is in flight between source(s) and target(s).

Q: How easy is it to debug transformation logic?

A: Jitterbit employs a "test as you develop" logic that allows you to load and test sample data within a test screen that allows for dynamic improvements.

Q: Does Jitterbit have the ability to test individual steps without having to run the entire process?

A: Yes. Jitterbit allows the designer to test at virtually any level all the way down to a particular function and record instance without having to run the actual integration.

Q: Does your product include a visual test verification user interface and debugging tools?

A: Yes. All transformations can be immediately tested at design time without running the integration itself. Additionally, debug break points can be set if so desired.

Q: What support for testing and debugging is available?

A: The Jitterbit Design Studio allows the designer to test the integration as it is being built with actual source data without leaving the Jitterbit Design Studio. Jitterbit also allows for conditional breakpoints.