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Design Studio known issues


This page documents known issues that have been identified with recent versions of Design Studio. For known issues that have been identified with other Harmony applications, see Known issues.

Multiple versions of Design Studio

These issues apply to all recent versions:

  • SOAP faults that trigger an email message can't be deployed

    • Summary: When attempting to deploy an operation containing a SOAP fault that triggers an email message, you may receive an error.
    • Workaround: Set up a SOAP fault to trigger an operation containing the email message as described in Route SOAP faults to an operation or email.

9.4.1 Design Studio

  • Environment can't be set and recipes can't be downloaded

    • Summary: The 9.4.1 Design Studio version has issues with setting the environment and downloading recipes.

    • Workaround: If you are still using version 9.4.1, please upgrade to a later version.

8.25 Design Studio

  • JavaScript: Global variables aren't working

    • Summary: Global variables aren't able to be assigned or referenced in a JavaScript using version 8.25 Design Studio.

    • Workaround: Use the Jitterbit Script language for any scripts containing global variables or upgrade to a later version.

8.5 and earlier Design Studio

  • Deployment error using Design Studio 8.5 and earlier

    • Summary: As of the 10.40 Harmony release, projects can no longer be deployed using Design Studio versions 8.5 and earlier. These Design Studio versions are at end-of-life and are not supported.

    • Additional Information: When attempting to deploy, you may receive this error:

      org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.IntegrationServerException: java.lang.NullPointerException
    • Workaround: Upgrade to a supported Design Studio version.