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Long Load Times when Using a Proxy


When using a proxy to log in to Design Studio, in some cases it may take more than 10 minutes to open a project. The long loading time may be due to an issue fetching the icons used for Citizen Integrator recipes that are displayed within the Design Studio project items pane. You may receive an error such as:

Message: Unable to load image icon at this address:
Details: Can't get input stream from URL!


For information on using a proxy with Design Studio, see Enabling Proxy for Design Studio.


If you do not need to access any Citizen Integrator recipes within the project, disabling loading of the recipes may resolve the long loading time. To do so, edit the Design Studio file using this procedure:

  1. Using a text editor, open the file used by your operating system:

    • Microsoft Windows: Open the file located at

      C:\Program Files\Jitterbit Studio x.x\configuration\

      replacing x.x with your version of Design Studio. For example:

      C:\Program Files\Jitterbit Studio 10.4\configuration\
    • macOS: Open the file located at

      /Applications/Jitterbit Studio

      replacing x.x with your version of Design Studio. For example:

      /Applications/Jitterbit Studio


      You may need to control-click the Design Studio application file and in the resulting menu choose Show Package Contents in order to access this file on macOS.

  2. Navigate to the Citizen Recipes section.

    #### Citizen Recipes ####
    # Disable Citizen Recipes.  This option prevents the Citizen Recipe functionality
    # which includes not connecting to Citizen service to download Citizen endpoints or
    # citizen recipes.
    # true : Disables the recipe functionality.
    # false : (Default) Enables the recipe functionality.
  3. Change Recipes.Disable=false to Recipes.Disable=true.

  4. Save the file and restart Design Studio.

Design Studio will no longer load and display recipes in the Design Studio Project Tree.