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Jitterbit Harmony App Builder (App Builder) is accessed through the Jitterbit Harmony PortalCertain prerequisites must be met to access App Builder, as detailed in Prerequisites.

Once within App Builder, you create and preview apps and then package and release them to a cloud environment.

These pages cover the app creation and preview processes, and provide details for configuring an app:

  • App Creation: How to create an app from scratch.
  • App OverviewA description of the app configuration screen.
  • App Preview: How to preview the app you're designing live in the browser.
  • Domain Model: Documents how to create the structural components of your app, consisting of modules, relations, dropdowns, and dependencies.
  • Application Logic: Documents how to define behaviors in your app, implemented using microflows and UI flows.
  • Configuration: Documents adjusting the menu, user guide, design, and email settings of your app.
  • Development: Documents managing your app's collaborators, packages, and releases.

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