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When you access App Builder through the Jitterbit Harmony Portal, the Apps page is displayed. The Apps page of App Builder allows you to view all the apps you've created or start building a new app from scratch. New apps can be created only by Harmony organization administrators (see Prerequisites).

Creating a New App

On the Apps page, click Create New App to open the app creation screen. Then select Create from Scratch:

The Create New App dialog opens:

NOTE: Once an app has been created, the identifier, default language, and default culture settings cannot be changed.
  • Name: Enter a name for the app.
  • Identifier: Enter an identifier for the app that will become part of the app's unique URL for users to access. You can accept the auto-generated URL shown or enter a different URL. This URL cannot be changed later.
  • Description: Enter a text description of the app.
  • Integration Environment: Select the existing Harmony environment where the app will be created. Harmony organization administrators can set up new environments from the Management Console Environments page.
  • Language: Select the app's default language. The default language cannot be changed later, though additional languages can be added later (see Globalization in Configuration).
  • Culture: Select the related cultural settings for the app. Data presentation in the user interface, such as dates, times, and currencies, rely on these settings. These settings cannot be changed later.
  • Icon: Select the visual settings for the app.

Click Save to create the app and open the app configuration screen.

App configuration is covered in the sections Domain ModelApplication LogicConfiguration, and Development.

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