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The Authorizations section allows users to grant other users temporary login access into their app accounts, typically to help with troubleshooting configuration issues. Authorizations can be granted and revoked at any time on deployed apps. It is important to grant authorizations only to people you trust.

Managing Authorizations

To manage authorizations, click the Welcome button along the top right of the app's header.

The Authorizations section opens, displaying the user as two separate titles: Authorized (You Receive Authorization) and Authorized (You Gave Authorization).

In this section, when a user clicks the New Authorization button to authorize another user, the list of users in the system becomes active. The authorized user displays the grantor in the Authorized section on their own account.

Logging In as Another User

There is a blue access button to the right of the names listed in the Authorized section. When this button is clicked, the authorized user logs into the system directly with the profile properties of the authorizing user.

As long as an authorized user is logged in as another user, a notification will appear in the app's header with the message:

You have temporarily logged in to the name of <Name Surname>.

When your transactions are finished, the Back to My Account warning message is displayed. When you click the Back to My Account button in the message, you are back to your own account. The user who granted the access authorization can delete the given access authorization at any time.

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