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This page describes the process of creating and releasing an app with App Builder. After releasing an app, see Configuring a Released App.

Creating an App

New apps can be created only by Harmony organization administrators (see Prerequisites).

When you access App Builder, the Apps page is displayed. To create a new app, click the Create New App button and select Create from Scratch. Fill out the information in the Create New App dialog and click Save. For details about each field, see App Creation.

Configuring an App

Once the app is created, the app configuration screen opens. At this stage, all of the technical components of the app — the backend, middleware, and UI — is already prepared.

Next, you configure the app using the sections in the app navigation menu:

  • In the Domain Model section, you create the structural components of your app, consisting of modules, relations, dropdowns, and dependencies.
  • In the Application Logic section, you define behaviors in your app, implemented using microflows and UI flows.
  • In the Configuration section, you adjust the menu, user guide, design, and email settings of your app.

The last section, Development, is covered later on this page (see Defining Collaborators, Creating a Package, and Releasing an App).

Previewing an App

During the app configuration process, you can use the Preview button located above the app navigation menu to see the app you're designing live in the browser. Previewing an app is a convenient way to see how an app looks without needing to release it to a production environment.

On clicking Preview, the app preview user interface automatically opens in a separate browser tab. The standard elements of the app user interface are described in App User Interface.

CAUTION: Changes and data entered in preview mode become part of the app and are published to the production environment during the release process.

Defining Collaborators

In the Development > Collaborators page, Harmony organization administrators control who can access and contribute to each app by specifying authorization levels.

Creating a Package

In the Development > Packages page, Harmony organization administrators create an app package.

Releasing an App

In the Development > Releases page, Harmony organization administrators select an app package to be released to a cloud environment.

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