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You may want to export a Connector Builder connector to use as a local backup or archive, or to share a copy of the connector outside of your organization. Connector Builder exports are in the format of a JSON file containing all of the metadata of a connector. Once you have a JSON connector export, it can be imported into any organization.

Exporting a Connector

You can export a connector directly from the Connector Builder index:

  • In card view, on the back of the card, click the actions menu icon  and select Export.
  • In list view, hover over the connector row; then in the far right column, click the actions menu icon  and select Export.

In addition, you can export a connector during connector creation using the Export link at the bottom of step 4:

Upon clicking Export, a JSON file containing the connector metadata will be generated and downloaded through your browser. 

Importing a Connector

You can import exported Connector Builder connectors from the Connector Builder indexTo begin the import process, click Import:

In the next screen, you browse to the connector file and import the connector:

  • Browse: Use the Browse button to browse to a Connector Builder JSON file that has been exported from Cloud Studio. Upon selecting a file, these fields become available:
    • Connector Name: The connector name will be prepopulated from the JSON file. To use a different name, you can edit it here.

    • Version: The version will be prepopulated from the JSON file. To use a different version, you can edit it here.

      NOTE: The combination of the connector name and version must be unique for each connector within an organization.
  • Import: Click the Import button to import the connector. If the connector was successfully imported, the imported connector will open on step 4 of the connector creation screen. In addition, the new connector will be available from the Connector Builder index.

    TIP: After a connector is imported, it is not yet published. You must click Publish from step 4 of the connector creation screen to make the connector available for end users.
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Last updated:  Apr 16, 2020

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