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As the connection will be an application that interfaces with HubSpot, you will need to register at HubSpot as a developer and create a HubSpot application using the HubSpot website. The application can have any name and settings. This can be done with a free HubSpot account, available at

HubSpot Registration Steps

Once an account has been created and you have logged in, create an application by clicking the Create app button:

HubSpot application creation

Give the application a name:

HubSpot application creation

From that application's web page, obtain its API key, also known as a HubSpot API key or HAPI key. This image shows where it can be obtained from the web page, whose URL is of the form[app-id]/api-key:

HubSpot application creation

Copy the API key and store it safely so that you can retrieve it when configuring the connector.

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Last updated:  Jun 25, 2019

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