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Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio is Jitterbit's next-generation, web-based project design application.

To get started using Cloud Studio, refer to this introductory material:

  • Cloud Studio Quick Start Guide
    Intended for new users of Cloud Studio, this guide includes steps for getting started and provides an overview of project design concepts.

  • Cloud Studio FAQ
    This page covers frequently asked questions about Cloud Studio.
  • Cloud Studio Overview for Design Studio Users
    This document is intended to help existing Design Studio users transition to Cloud Studio and includes a comparison of major features.

  • Cloud Studio User Interface
    When you access Cloud Studio, you arrive at the project index, which contains a repository of all your projects. After opening a project, you design it using the tools provided in the project designer, including the project pane, design canvas, and design component palette. Details are covered on these pages:

  • Cloud Studio Terminology
    This page may be useful to familiarize yourself with commonly used terminology and concepts. As you work with Cloud Studio and use its documentation, you may also want to refer back to this list for reference.
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