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A NetSuite connection may have previously been tested successfully, but now fails with this error:

You are not requesting the correct data center for your company.

This error may result from a NetSuite account having been moved to another data center on NetSuite's side, resulting in a change to the WSDL URL.


To resolve, change the WSDL to either (1) the account-specific domain or (2) the data center-specific domain. Details on obtaining the URL for your specific account or data center are provided in NetSuite's documentation on URLs for Account-Specific Domains and Understanding NetSuite URLs and Data Centers (login to NetSuite required).

NetSuite recommends using the getDataCenterUrls SOAP call to dynamically discover your account-specific NetSuite domain. Account-specific domains are independent of the data center your account is in, so if your data center changes, you will not need to adjust the URL. Once you have the correct WSDL, use it in the configuration of the NetSuite connection in Cloud Studio.

Example of Account-Specific WSDL




Account-specific URL

Example of Data Center-Specific WSDL

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Last updated:  Jun 24, 2020

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