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This page describes viewing a history of changes and deployments for a project. Note that project history is cleared upon exporting a project.

Accessing Project History

You can open the project history from along the top of the project pane. Click the actions menu icon  to open the actions menu. From the menu, select Project History:

Viewing Project History

The project history is shown within a panel on the right side of the project designer. This panel shows a list of project changes and deployments, with the date and time that a specific user performed the action, filtered by timeframe.

  • Last 30 days: Use the dropdown to display project history events for the last 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Deploys Only: Select the checkbox to limit project history events only to deployments. By default, both project changes and deployments are shown.
  • Date/time: Project history events are grouped by day and 30-minute intervals within each day. Click on the date or time row to expand or collapse events that are grouped together.
  • Events: Each project history event is listed with a timestamp of the change or deployment and shows the first name and last name initial of the user who performed the action.
    • Deployment: Deployments cannot be selected. Additional information about what was deployed is available from the Management Console Projects page.
    • Change: The name of the component at the time it was created, updated, or deleted will be listed. Click on an event to focus the design canvas to the selected component (if applicable), displayed with a green border. The component will also be displayed within the project pane with a green background.
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Last updated:  Nov 25, 2019

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