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A project is a collection of one or more workflows that comprise and execute an integration use case. Projects are the "container" for operations that are organized into workflows, as well as other project components that may be part of an operation or exist elsewhere in the project.

This topic includes pages that provide general information about working with projects and get you started creating projects. These pages are included in this topic:

  • Project Permissions, Collaboration, and Saving
    This page describes basic information about working with projects, including what access is granted by various permissions, how collaboration works when editing projects simultaneously with other users, and how auto-saving works.
  • Project Creation and Configuration
    This page describes how to create and configure a new project, access existing projects, and edit the configuration settings of existing projects.
  • Project Deployment and Migration 
    This page describes how to deploy projects or selected project components to the Jitterbit Harmony cloud and migrate projects to another environment. Once all components that an operation is dependent on are deployed, those operations can be executed.
  • Project Exports and Imports
    You may want to export a Cloud Studio project to use as a local backup or archive, or to share a copy of the project outside of your organization. Once you have a Cloud Studio project that has been exported, you can import it into any organization.
  • Project History
    This page describes viewing a history of changes and deployments for a project.

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