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As the connection will be an application that interfaces with ServiceNow, you will need to register at ServiceNow as a developer and create a ServiceNow instance. This can be done with a free ServiceNow Developer Account, available at ServiceNow Developers.

ServiceNow Instance Creation and Authorization Steps

At the ServiceNow website, create an app using these steps.

  1. Log in at ServiceNow with your ServiceNow Developers account and click on the Manage Instance button:

    ServiceNow Instance Creation

  2. Click the Request Instance button:

    ServiceNow instance creation

  3. Go to the instance using the displayed URL:

    ServiceNow instance creation

  4. Log in to your ServiceNow instance; you will be asked to reset the admin password:

    ServiceNow instance creation

    You will need this user name and password for the ServiceNow connection.

  5. In the Navigator (left sidebar menu), click the System OAuth, Application Registry menu item. Then, click the New buton:

    ServiceNow instance creation

  6. Click the Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients link:

    ServiceNow instance creation

  7. Select the Active check box and enter the details for your app:

    • Name: Enter a unique Name for the application
    • Client ID: Copy this value. This will be the Client ID in the Jitterbit ServiceNow connection settings.
    • Client Secret: Enter a value. This will be the Client Secret in the Jitterbit ServiceNow connection settings.

    ServiceNow instance creation

  8. Click the Submit button to create the new OAuth API endpoint.

These properties can then be used to create a Jitterbit Harmony ServiceNow Connection.

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Last updated:  Nov 12, 2019

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