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As the connection will be an application that interfaces with Shopify, you will need to register at Shopify as a developer and create a Shopify application using the Shopify website. The application can have any name and settings. This can be done with a free Shopify account.

Shopify Application Creation and Registration Steps

Once you have registered at Shopify, and have your shop name, create a private app at the URL https://[your-shop-name]

Shopify application creation

From that application's web page, obtain its API key and password. This image shows where these can be obtained from the web page:

Shopify application creation

In this example, an application called myApp has been created. The API key and password are generated. The Example URL is provided on the same page below the Password.

Copy the API key and password and store them safely where you can retrieve them when configuring the connector.

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Last updated:  Jun 25, 2019

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