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On Transformation screens, in addition to the main Toolbar, Jitterbit provides a separate Transformation Toolbar. Its tools and their respective functions are described in the table below.





The Expand-Collapse buttons expand or collapse the trees to aid in finding data elements quickly. The icon on the left end of the Transformation toolbar controls the Source pane, and the control on the right end controls the Target pane.

Options for Hiding Nodes

Options for Hiding Nodes appears on the left (source) and right (target) panes.

Options include:

  - Hide Unmapped Nodes

  - Show Data Nodes Only

  - Simple Node Display

Load Sample Source Data

Load sample source data into the transformation.

Test the Transformation

Test and validate the transformation currently open.

Test Operation

Test an operation that uses the transformation current;y open.

Zoom In

Increase the size of the text displayed in the trees.

Zoom Out

Decrease the size of the text displayed in the trees.

Map Elements

Map a source data element to a target data element. When both are selected, this icon activates and will perform the mapping when clicked. This icon becomes enabled if both a source and a target data element have been selected. Clicking it saves the mapped relationship associated with the selected elements, and adds this relationship to the frame beneath the Transformation toolbar.

Create Formula

This button is enabled if a mapped relationship has been selected. Clicking it launches the Formula Builder and loads the value of the Source data element.


Context Menus

In addition to the icons on the Transformation screen, some items in the transformation have context menus displayed when you right-click on the item.


Context Menu / Action

Top-Level Source Folder

When you right-click on the top-level source folder, the following option is displayed: Edit Source Structure. To prepare for the edit, you are then offered options to back up the original and to migrate the mappings.

Source Sub-folder (other than root)

Right-click to display an option to define a batch transformation.

Top-Level Target Folder

Right-click to display options to edit the target structure or to clear the mappings under this folder.

Target Sub-folder

Right-click on any sub-folder in the target pane to view options to:

- Add a condition

- Create an extra folder for mappings

- Clear the mappings under the folder.

Target Node

Right-click on any target node to clear the mappings under that node.

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Last updated:  May 13, 2018