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9.5 Harmony Release Notes

Released November 8, 2018 in EMEA and November 12, 2018 in NA

Included in this release are updates to API Manager, Design Studio, Harmony Platform, Management Console, Private Agents, and Sandbox Cloud Agents.

NOTE: To improve the customer experience, we are updating the Harmony navigation menus in Harmony release 9.6, scheduled for December 6th in EMEA and December 10th in NA. The updated navigation menu does not include the API Management (Classic) menu items currently included in the Management Console. All of the API Management (Classic) functionality has been moved to the Harmony API Manager as of Jitterbit Harmony 9.0.

NOTE: The 9.5 release notes refer to Private Agent as a component of Jitterbit Harmony. Private Agents were formerly known as Local Agents.


API Manager

  • API Manager now persists the view (Card View versus List View) that a user selected in the previous session on the 'My APIs' page.
    The 'My APIs' page now remembers the 'Card View' or 'List View' preference for subsequent visits. If 'List View' is selected in the previous session, the 'My APIs' page will display the 'List View' in the next session, and vice-versa.
  • Added Salesforce OAuth 2.0 authentication within API Manager.
    Added the ability to create security profiles using OAuth 2.0 authentication with Salesforce as the identity provider.


Design Studio

  • Fixed an issue with the file size limit for source data used in the 'Test the Transformation' option in the 'Transformations' tab within Design Studio. The previous file size limit was too low to test complex transformations. 
    Increased the file size limit by about eight times for source data used in the 'Test the Transformation' option in the 'Transformations' tab within Design Studio. 

Harmony Platform

  • Fixed a 504 gateway timeout issue with Harmony REST calls.
    Increased the default timeout to be consistent across all Harmony applications.
  • Fixed: When the API call for searching the 'OperationLogTab' includes an undefined sort value, it causes a 'GENERIC_EXCEPTION_OTHER'.
    The stored procedure now defaults to sorting by 'entered_ts' if an undefined value is passed in the API call for searching the 'OperationLogTab'.
  • Fixed: An NA zone user logging in to Harmony from EMEA is not redirected to the correct zone.
    Upon logging in to Harmony from the EMEA zone with a username associated with the NA zone, the user is now correctly redirected to the NA zone within Harmony. The converse is also true for an EMEA user logging in to Harmony from the NA zone.
    Known Issue: The username is not preserved and has to be re-entered after the redirect between zones.

Management Console

  • Fixed the issue where schedules within folders were not visible on the 'Schedules' tab on the 'Projects' page in Management Console.
    Users can view, edit, and delete schedules in folders or nested folders within the 'Schedules' tab on the 'Projects' page. Folders that do not contain a schedule do not display on the 'Schedules' tab.
  • Fixed the issue where a user that is assigned the 'Agent Install' permission was redirected back to the 'Downloads' page when attempting to navigate from the 'Downloads' page to the 'Home' page in Management Console.
    A user that is assigned the 'Agent Install' permission can now successfully navigate from the 'Downloads' page to the 'Home' page by selecting 'Home' in the dropdown menu within Management Console.

Private Agents

  • Resolved timeout issues when using JDBC to retrieve a large number of tables.
    Increased the default jitterbit.conf agent timeout values to match the messaging limits. Note: this affects fresh installs only.

  • Fixed an Issue with the input parameter of the CVTDate() script function being set to an empty value.
    The CVTDate() function now successfully converts each input data value to the appropriate date and does not set any input to an empty value.
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