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Splits an incoming CSV file into one or more output files. The default behavior is to write each record of the incoming file to a separate output file. By defining one or more primary keys you can group the incoming records, so that all records with the same primary key values are written to the same output file.

Jitterbit.CsvFileSplitter.DelimiterstringfalseThe field delimiter. The default value is ','.
Jitterbit.CsvFileSplitter.QualifierstringfalseThe value qualifier. The default value is '"'.
Jitterbit.CsvFileSplitter.PrimaryKeysstringfalseDefines the field(s) to use as primary key(s) when splitting up the input file. If defined, all records of the input file having the same primary key value(s) will be written to the same output file. If defined, this value should be a comma-separated list of field indeces, the first field having index 1. For example, if the incoming file has 3 fields: "order_id, order_date, comment", and you want all records with the same order ID to be written to the same output file, the value of this data element should be "1". If you want to use the order date as a primary key as well you should set this data element to "1, 2".

Last updated:  Jan 31, 2020