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This page documents known issues that have been identified with Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio. For known issues that have been identified with other Jitterbit Harmony applications, see Jitterbit Harmony Known Issues.


  • New trial users may not be able to access Cloud Studio immediately after registering

    • Summary: When a new trial user logs in to the Harmony Portal for the first time immediately after registering with Jitterbit Harmony, they may see Design Studio displayed as an application card. When clicked, nothing happens.

    • Additional Info: This issue is limited to new trial users; new users registering to join an existing Jitterbit Harmony organization are unaffected.

    • Workaround: To avoid this issue, wait a few minutes after registering to log in. If you have already encountered this issue, log out of the Harmony Portal and log back in. The Cloud Studio application card should be displayed. Click the card to access Cloud Studio.

  • Global variables in configuration fields may appear to have a default value when they do not

    • Summary: When using a global variable in a configuration field, the G icon is erroneously displayed with a solid background indicating the variable has a default value when no default value has been defined.

    • Additional Info: This issue occurs when the global variable is defined in a script.


  • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle: Authentication API V3 is not supported
    • Summary: As of December 18, 2020, Autodesk no longer supports the versions (V1/V2) of the authentication APIs used in the Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector. As a result, the connector may stop working.
    • Additional Info: Jitterbit is in the process of upgrading the connector to use authentication API V3
    • Workaround: Until the connector supports V3, you must request an extension from Autodesk to continue using the connector. Autodesk is allowing extensions through March 31, 2021 to continue using V1/V2. For details on requesting an extension, see Action Required for Fusion Lifecycle Administrators Prior to December 18, 2020.

  • BMC Helix ITSM: Next button disabled in activities

    • Summary: When configuring an activity step that has a list, the Next button remains disabled even after completing entries.

    • Additional Info: This occurs in all activities that require a selection from a list.

    • Workaround: Select an object from the list to enable the Next button.

  • Box: Extra subelements warning when creating web links with the Create activity

    • Summary: This warning appears in the log when creating a web link.

    • Additional Information: After running an operation to create a web link the log shows extra subelements warnings.

  • Database connector activities may fail if the table name contains a +

    • Summary: If a table name in a statement such as select * from City+ contains a +, the activity fails.

    • Additional Info: The + character is a reserved character in SQL.

    • Workaround: Enclose the table name with square brackets, [select * from City+].

  • DocuSign: A NoClassDefFoundError requires agent restart

    • Summary: You may receive this runtime error if you are using an older version of a connector.

    • Workaround: Restart Private Agents to reload the latest connector version. If you are using a Cloud Agent, please contact Support for assistance.

  • Email: A single email connection cannot be used for both incoming and outgoing email

    • Summary: If your email server requires separate IMAP and SMTP connections for a Read Email and Send Email activity respectively, then
      the same email connection cannot be used for both activity types.

    • Workaround: Configure two separate email connections: one to use with the Read Email activity and one to use
      with the Send Email activity.

  • Magento: Filtering a search on some fields isn’t working

    • Summary: When specifying filter parameters in the request of a Magento Search activity, some fields aren't working even when they exactly match the field names specified in the Magento API documentation.

    • Additional Info: The operation fails and the response message indicates an invalid attribute name.

    • Workaround: Use the browser logs to determine what field name is expected by the connector. For example, while the Magento API specifies an id field, the Magento connector expects the field name provided in the request to be entity_id. On a Chrome browser, the browser logs can be accessed within the Google Chrome Developer tools in its Network tab.

  • Magento: Field values for created_at and updated_at timestamps are not updated with manual entries

    • Summary: Both the created_at and updated_at fields are provided by the Magento API.

    • Additional Info: These timestamps are not editable by the user. Any values you enter for these timestamps are ignored.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Optional mappings with invalid values cause a create function to fail

    • Summary: After configuring a Microsoft Dynamics AX Functions activity with its create function, if the request transformation contains any mappings to optional fields that provide an invalid value, the operation will fail at runtime. An example of an invalid value is providing U.S. dollars instead of a valid currency ISO code for the Currency field.

    • Additional Info: The operation fails with an error related to a failed login and no exceptions are logged in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.

  • NetSuite: Using Advanced Search fails

    • Summary: The Search activity reports an unexpected error when selecting the Advanced Search type in step 2 of the activity configuration.

    • Additional Info: Advanced Search fails when selecting a joined table.

  • SAP: Deployment of invalid SAP operations is allowed

    • Summary: Operations that contain more than one SAP activity, or that contain an SAP activity and a NetSuite, Salesforce, or SOAP activity, appear to be valid and are able to be deployed without error.

    • Additional Info: The operation will fail at runtime.

    • Workaround: Follow a valid operation pattern and don't use more than one SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, or SOAP activity in the same operation. If using an SAP activity as a source, use only the Transformation Pattern. If using an SAP activity as a target, use the Transformation Pattern, the Two-Target Archive Pattern (as the first target only), or the Two-Transformation Pattern, as applicable. See Operation Validity for more information.

  • ServiceNow: DateTime fields use the wrong data type in the response schema generated by a ServiceNow Query activity

    • Summary: During the configuration of a ServiceNow Query activity, in the schema generated in step 3, a DateTime field that is returning a value (either a DateTime or a null) uses a string 'dateTime' instead of the value.

    • Workaround: In the transformation, mirror the schema, then edit it and change the data type of any 'dateTime' fields to a string.

  • ServiceNow: Operations with ServiceNow Create or Update activities using incorrectly formatted DateTime data fail to write the record

    • Summary: Operations that use a ServiceNow Create or Update activity to attempt to write incorrectly formatted DateTime data will report success with an error but fail to create or update the record.

    • Additional Info: The error message returned does not report the wrong date format as a cause.

  • Snowflake: Database and table names converted to upper case

    • Summary: By default, database and table names are converted to upper case when used by Snowflake.

    • Additional Info: Converted database and table names may not match their source names and generate an error.

    • Workaround: Use double quotes around a database or table name instead of single quotes to preserve the desired case.

  • Workday Prism Analytics: Some delimiters are not supported

    • Summary: Certain delimiters used in text fields in the Create activity do not validate and cause an error.

    • Additional Info: Space, Tab, CTRL+A, and ASCII-29 (left/right arrow character) are not supported with the Workday Create activity.

  • NoClassDefFoundError requires agent restart

    • Summary: You may receive this runtime error if you are using an older version of a connector.

    • Workaround: Restart Private Agents to reload the latest connector version. If you are using a Cloud Agent, please contact Support for assistance.


  • Incorrect values for long data type

    • Summary: Values and data types may change on output.

    • Additional Info: Fields with long data types may not display the original value on output.

  • Transformations: Using a flat source schema may return blank mapped field
    • Summary: In certain circumstances when using a flat source schema, target fields are not mapped correctly, which causes them to be blank.
    • Additional Info: This does not occur with mirrored schemas or JSON schemas.
    • Workaround: Add a script at the beginning of the operation that disables streaming transformations by setting $jitterbit.transformation.auto_streaming = false;.

  • A variable used in a transformation mapping cannot contain a period in its name
    • Summary: A variable used in a transformation mapping that has one or more periods in its variable name isn't resolved correctly, resulting in an incorrect target field mapping in the transformation.
    • Additional Info: Because of this issue, Jitterbit variables at this time cannot be referenced within a transformation.
    • Workaround: Rename project or global variables by replacing any periods with underscores or another character.

  • A transformation preview will result in a generic error when using an invalid sample file

    • Summary: When loading a sample file to use for a transformation preview, if the file is in an invalid format, the error message indicates a "sampleDataLoadFailure."

    • Additional Info: Potential causes of an invalid format include a CSV file missing the header, a JSON file missing a closing quote, an XML file missing a closing tag, etc.

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