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Jitterbit supports single sign-on (SSO) for Google using OAuth 2.0. This page shows how to set up Google as an Identity Provider and obtain the Client ID and Client Secret needed for Setting Up SSO in Jitterbit. After SSO is configured in both Google and Jitterbit, members of your Jitterbit org will be able to use their Google credentials to log in to Jitterbit.

TIP: For additional information, see Google's Help Center topic Manage APIs.



  1. Log in to the Google API Manager.

    CAUTION: In order to set up SSO in Jitterbit, your Google email address must match your Harmony email address. This applies to the members of your org as well, unless they are configured to bypass SSO. See additional requirements in Setting Up SSO in Jitterbit.
  2. Create a new project with the name and location of your choice. You can create all of your Harmony clients within the same project, so you could for example name the project "Jitterbit."
  3. Within your project, go to Credentials > OAuth consent screen. Provide a product name that will be visible to users when they authenticate with Google (for example, "Jitterbit"), then click Save.
  4. Under Credentials > Credentials, configure the credentials for each Harmony client:
    • WMC: This selection applies to the Harmony Portal (including Cloud Studio, API Manager, Citizen Integrator, Management Console).

      NOTE: Although the user interface refers to WMC, the former name for the Jitterbit Harmony Management Console, when you select WMC as the Harmony client, this configuration applies to all of the web-based products accessible via the Harmony Portal, including Cloud Studio, API Manager, Citizen Integrator, and Management Console.
    • Studio: This selection applies to Design Studio versions 8.24 and later.

    For each Harmony client, use the Create credentials dropdown to select OAuth client ID, select an Application type of "Web application," provide a Name (for example, Harmony Portal or Design Studio), and under Restrictions enter the following in Authorized redirect URIs depending on your region (see Finding My Region):
    • WMC: 

      • NA:

      • EMEA:

      • APAC:

    • Studio:

      • NA:

      • EMEA:

      • APAC:

  5. Upon clicking Create, your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret will be provided. These will be required when Setting Up SSO in Jitterbit.
  6. You can also return to view your Client IDs at any time under Credentials > Credentials. From here, you can also click on the edit icon to view other details such as Client Secret.

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Last updated:  Apr 22, 2019