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This page shows how to find the version number of Jitterbit products.

Harmony cloud applications that are accessed directly through the Jitterbit Harmony Portal always use the latest available version. When you contact support about issues with these products, provide the URL, date, and time when they were accessed.

Jitterbit applications that are installed, either locally or in the cloud, have an associated version that we recommend providing when you contact support. These include Cloud and Private Agents, Data Loader, Design Studio (7.x onwards), and Jitterbit Studio (5.x).

Harmony Cloud Applications

Harmony cloud applications are those that are accessed directly through the Jitterbit Harmony Portal. These applications always use the latest available version.

Cloud and Private Agents

Cloud Agents

Log in to the Jitterbit Harmony Portal, then click the Harmony Portal menu in the top left:

From the menu, hover over Management ConsoleAgents and select Agent Groups. The version number is included in the Description of the Agent Group within the table. There are two different Cloud Agent Groups available: the Jitterbit Production Cloud Agent Group and the Jitterbit Sandbox Cloud Agent Group. As they are on different release schedules, their versions can vary:

Private Agents

Log in to the Harmony Portal, then click the Harmony Portal menu in the top left:

From the menu, hover over Management Console > Agents and select Agents. The version number of the Private Agent is included within the table:

Data Loader

Open the Data Loader application and look in the title bar:

Design Studio (7.x Onwards)

Open the Design Studio application and look in the title bar:

Jitterbit Studio (5.x)

Open the Jitterbit Studio application and look in the title bar: