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Ask the Community

The Jitterbit team has listened to our customers and the desire for a community that supports self-service help and collaboration among users. We are excited to announce that the new Jitterbit Community has launched!

Ask questions about using our product, get advice and best practices from other Jitterbit users, or share your own experience with others. The community is also the place to ask questions about our documentation. A link to Jitterbit Community is at the end of every page:

Submit a Support Ticket via Jitterbit Community

Get in touch with our expert support team directly by submitting a support case. Our support portal can now be accessed from the Jitterbit Community, but is still separate and private from the public forums.

Once logged in, the Support section will become available where you can create new cases and view case history. The link is also provided at the end of every page:

Get Data Loader Support

For those using Data Loader, our free migration tool for Salesforce, please go to our dedicated Data Loader Community for any questions. The following link is at the end of each Data Loader page:

Submit a Support Ticket via Email

It is recommended to submit support cases via Jitterbit Community. However, we also provide the option to open a case via email. Email the following depending on your region (see How to Find My Region - NA or EMEA):

Be sure to use a brief descriptive subject line, and include the following information:

  • Screenshot(s), if applicable (hide information you do not want to be seen).
  • Error message(s) and stack trace if available (redundant lines in stack trace are not necessary).
  • Description of the issue. If you are reporting a problem, for example, please include:
    • What you were doing when the problem occurred, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.
    • The edition (Pro/Enterprise) and version of the products (Studio, Server, or Local Agent) if not noted in the error (see How to Find My Jitterbit Version).
    • Jitterpak and/or sample file if you think the issue is a bug. This is requested for us to reproduce the issue. Our support team will get back to you if we need additional information.

Production Down?

We know how worrisome a Production Down situation is, and we’re here to give you top priority if it should occur.

If you have a Production Down situation, simply put “Production Down” in the subject of your case. Be sure to fully describe the situation in the body of your message and include your contact information, the Jitterbit product you are using, and your endpoints. Include anything you think would help us troubleshoot the problem.

Our team is trained to watch for Production Down situations and respond accordingly.

Jitterbit System Status

Check real-time system status or subscribe for updates on our Trust site. For additional information see Trust Site Set-Up Notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check on the status of my case?

A:  As your case progresses, you will receive emails to notify you of the case status changes. 

Q: How will you know who I am?

A: Please be sure to set up your team members as "Authorized Contacts" with your Jitterbit Sales Representative. That way, your team members are assured the fastest possible support experience.

Q: I am an Enterprise-level customer; how can I escalate my case?

A: Enterprise-level customers may call their Emergency Hotline to escalate support cases.


  1. Anonymous

    Is there a plug-in or connector for SAGE ERP? Can't find any reference to it at this site.

    1. Jitterbit does have Sage connectivity via ODBC or web services and many of our clients have successful integrations running with Sage. If you have encountered specific technical difficulties with Sage and ODBC or web services, please contact the Jitterbit Support team by following the instructions at For additional plug-in or connector requests, please contact the Jitterbit Sales team at so that we can further assist you.

  2. Anonymous

    The link for has a full stop at the end which makes it hard to send an email.

    1. Anonymous

      The link has been corrected.  Thank you for helping us improve our documentation.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi i am trying to connnect postgres and databases ... I provide valid details for the database but i cannot connect it with jitterbit

    1. We apologize for the issues you are experiencing.  We will need more information in order to help you. Please send an email to that includes all of the information outlined in the article on this page. We look forward to working with you directly to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

  4. Anonymous

    Is there a plug-in or Connector available for sugar crm, We are implementing integration with Sugar CRM both on cloud and on-Premise, which involves XML as the source and Sugar CRM as target.

  5. Anonymous

    No, we don't have a plugin or connector for SugarCRM, but SugarCRM has a SOAP API and jitterbit fully supports integrating with SOAP.

  6. Anonymous

    Is there any changes to Source of file with jitterbit on-premises and cloud version?

    Receiving the below error when trying to upload the file as a local file  whereas the same worked fine on the on-premises version

    INVALID [UNC paths are not supported for Local Files. Please use the File Share type instead.]

    1. Hi,

      Older version of Jitterbit had this bug that it allowed 'UNC' path in 'Local File' type source.

      We have corrected it in newer versions and it forces customer to use 'File Share' type source.

      SO we strongly recommend you to use 'File Share' as a source type( Please refer to the attached screenshot ).

      It has nothing to do with 'Cloud' or 'On-premise version'.


  7. Anonymous

    Does the NetSuite connector provide the ability to export files from the File Cabinet?  

    1. Anonymous

      As far as I'm aware, yes, you should be able to retrieve files from the file cabinet.  They will be base64encoded, however, so depending on where you need to place them, you'll need to use the base64decode function in conjunction with writefile/flushfile to make it human-readable.

  8. Anonymous

    Error while connecting to Oracle using EBS Endpoint.

    Connector Error: Unable to connect to destination.The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

    The error type: org.jitterbit.integration.server.engine.connector.exception.ConnectorEndpointRuntimeException

    1. When you make a connection from sql developer, you're making a connection from inside your network and when you make a connection from the cloud agents, it is from external of your network. 

      To be able to make connection you will have to whitelist ips to allow connection to your oracle instance or install a local agent. 



  9. Anonymous

    I have Jitterbit studio & Jitterbit Agent installed on my windows 7 machine. I got an error in Jitterbit studio while creating a source. The error message is  

    Failed to connect to database. FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres" (SqlState: 28P01).

    Could anyone tell me the cause of this error and I will be happy if anyone suggest me a solution for this.

  10. Anonymous

    Please check your credentials, as the error message state, that your password is incorrect or is not able to authenticate with Postgres. If you are still facing an error, kindly mail your issue at .

  11. Anonymous

    Yes I already checked it that my credentials are correct. Even I tried it on 2 separate machines. But still I got the same error

  12. Anonymous

    Please mail your issue at, with complete error message and sufficient screenshots, so we can provide you better solution. 

  13. Anonymous

    For choosing local file as source,

    When I put Jitterbit Agent Path as C:/Program Files (x86)/Jitterbit Agent and test the connection with entered correct file name, it gives me error:

    Local file folder paths need to be absolute. 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Jitterbit Agent' is a relative path.

    What can be the solution for this?

  14. Anonymous

    Please refer to this documentation link: Enabling Local File Targets to solve this error.