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Jitterbit offers the only end-to-end Real-time API solution that provides connectivity, service creation and API management all on a single cloud platform. Jitterbit gives today’s digital businesses the ability to access the most up-to-date information by creating real-time connectivity between your On-Premise and Cloud systems.

With Jitterbit you can expose any system as a secure, managed, real-time API that can be called and consumed by any other app. This means you can eliminate siloed technology, processes and people and enable seamless collaboration across departments, divisions, and other internal teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind Harmony LIVE?

A: Harmony LIVE allows you to design, orchestrate and manage your APIs via 3 easy steps of "Connect, Publish and Manage". It provides real-time APIs for any cloud, on-premise, or mobile app.

Q: What can I connect with Harmony LIVE?

A: You can connect anything. Design APIs with connectors for enterprise applications. Create composite APIs from multiple web services. Expose any ODBC or JDBC database as an API. You can create an API in any format (REST, SOAP, JSON, OData, etc.)

For an idea of specific endpoints you can connect, visit this page for a list:

Q: Can I see a demo of Harmony LIVE?

A: See this video demonstration of a custom API involving an "Internet of Things" use case: