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Achieve a shorter time to value for your integration projects with our Introduction to Scripting in Cloud Studio training course through Jitterbit University. This comprehensive course includes lecture modules to teach you about scripting on the Jitterbit Harmony API Integration Platform and quizzes to test your knowledge. Recorded sessions are available at Jitterbit Tech Talks.

Time to Complete

2 hours


These resources are available to download in the Introduction to Scripting in Cloud Studio course:

  • Course syllabus
  • Course transcript



  • Chapter 1 - Welcome and Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Calling a Script
  • Chapter 2 - Jitterbit Script
    • Jitterbit Script Introduction
    • String Data Types
    • Numerical Data Types
    • Date and Boolean Data Types
    • Arrays and Dictionaries
    • Operators and Data Type Functions
    • Logical Statements
    • Functions
    • Additional Topics
  • Chapter 3 - Javascript
    • JavaScript Introduction
    • Jitterbit Script Editor for JavaScript
    • Jitterbit Functions in JavaScript
    • Jitterbit Data Elements in JavaScript
  • Chapter 4 - Scripting Best Practices

Additional Information

As you progress through these courses, there may be times that questions arise. If you have questions related to your class material, please send an email to and one of the team members will respond as soon as possible. If you have other technical questions, please choose an option on the Getting Support page.

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