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Jitterbit Core Training dives deeper into the Jitterbit Studio and the Harmony Platform discussing aspects such as project variables, advanced scripting, instance mappings, and best practices around schedules, environments, and error handling. Jitterbit Core Training is intended for learners who have a foundational understanding of Jitterbit Studio and the Harmony Platform. If you do not have this knowledge please complete Jitterbit Foundations Training prior to starting Jitterbit Core Training.

The Jitterbit Core Training course is self-paced, so you can complete it at your leisure. The Jitterbit Core Training Certification Exam is available and the end of the course. Earn your certificate by scoring at least 75% on the exam. You may also be interested in our webinar-style Tech Talk series. Recorded sessions are available at Jitterbit Tech Talks.

Time to Complete

3 hours


These resources are available for download in the Jitterbit Core Training course:

  • Course syllabus
  • File format resources
  • Instance Mapping - Sample Data 1
  • Instance Mapping - Sample Data 2
  • Instance Mapping Jitterpak
  • Course transcript



  • Chapter 1: Scheduling Best Practices Module
  • Scheduling - Best Practices Quiz
  • Chapter 2: Project Variables Module
  • Project Variables Quiz
  • Chapter 3: Environments Best Practices Module
  • Environments - Best Practices Quiz
  • Chapter 4: Error Handling - Best Practices Module
  • Error Handling - Best Practices Quiz
  • Chapter 5: Instance Mapping and Scripting Module
  • Instance Mapping and Scripting Quiz

Jitterbit Core Certification Exam

The Jitterbit Core Certification Exam is composed of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions. The questions come from the topics discussed in the Jitterbit Core Training.

Additional Information

As you progress through these courses, there may be times that questions arise. If you have questions related to your class material, please send an email to and one of the team members will respond as soon as possible. If you have other technical questions, please choose an option on the Getting Support page.

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