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This is our plugin creation elective course. It gives a brief introduction to the Jitterbit Plugin Java SDK. Basic knowledge of Java and software development are prerequisites for this course. The materials discussed in this class are broken down into separate chapters and sections with periodic short quizzes to help reinforce key principles. For additional information, see the page on creating a Custom Plugin at the Jitterbit Developer Portal.

Time to Complete

2 hours



  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Input & Output XML
    • Input & Output XML Module
    • Input & Output XML Quiz
  • Chapter 2: SDK
    • SDK Module
    • SDK Module Quiz
  • Chapter 3: Writing the Plug-in
    • Writing the Plugin Module
    • Writing the Plugin Quiz
  • Chapter 4: Plugin.xml
    • Plugin.xml Module
    • Plugin.xml Quiz
  • Chapter 5: Adding the Plugin
    • Adding the Plugin Module
    • Adding the Plugin Quiz

Additional Information

As you progress through these courses, there may be times that questions arise. If you have questions related to your class material, please send an email to and one of the team members will respond as soon as possible. If you have other technical questions, please choose an option on the Getting Support page.

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