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Looking for example projects to help you get started? A Jitterpak (.JPK format) contains a snapshot of a Jitterbit project at the moment it was saved. These snapshots can be used as examples or samples that you can reference or use as a starting point.

This library contains a collection of various Jitterpaks that are available to use for reference when creating your own projects. See Import a Jitterpak for how to load the Jitterpaks provided here. You can also create your own at Export as a Jitterpak.

Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks

NOTE: The following Jitterpaks were exported from Citizen Integrator recipes. These Jitterpaks are noted as having been exported from a recipe and are supported as templates. To use recipes directly from Citizen Integrator, log into the Web Management Console and go to Menu > Citizen Integrator.

Reference Jitterpaks

NOTE: The following Jitterpaks are not supported as templates; these are provided for your reference only and are noted accordingly.