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Jitterpaks are pre-defined, reusable integration solutions for Jitterbit. Jitterpaks include all the details required for a specific integration (i.e. a CRM app to a Web Service.), including the document definitions, transformation rules, and source and target systems.

While each integration is unique, Jitterpaks can eliminate much of the time and effort spent initially setting up a common integration. Users can download and import Jitterpaks, and then customize the project to meet the requirements of their specific set up.

See all Jitterpaks under Jitterpak Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create a Jitterpak?

A: In Design Studio or the Management Console, click File -> Export as Jitterpak. Alternatively, in Design Studio you can press Ctrl+Shift+J in Windows or Cmd+Shift+J in macOS X.

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