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Before you can create Microsoft CRM functions in Jitterbit, you must create at least one Microsoft CRM endpoint. Click Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector Endpoint  for details.

  • To start creating a new Microsoft CRM Delete, Click the Orange Jigsaw Iconin the top toolbar.
  • Select New Microsoft CRM Delete from the resulting pop-up.

  • The Endpoint screen appears.

Microsoft CRM Endpoint

  • If you have created one or more Microsoft CRM endpoints, Select One now from the Available Microsoft CRM Endpoints drop-down.

  • After you have completed your fields, Click Next to display the Object screen.
  • To return to the previous screen, Click the Back button.
  • Click Cancel to close the wizard without saving your entries.

Create an Object


  • You can filter the display by Typing a Few Letters in the Filter window. For example, if you type "acc" in the window, only functions containing the letters "acc" will display.
  • You can also filter the Object display by Making a Selection from the drop-down: Name, Description, or both. The screen will then display function names, descriptions, or both, that contain the letters you typed in the Filter window.
  • And you can Click one of the Radio Buttons adjacent to "Show" to display either the logical names of data objects or their display (label) names.
  • Select an Object from the list.
  • Selecting an object activates the Finish button. Click Finish to complete your operation.
  • To return to the previous screen, Click the Back button.
  • ClickCancel to close the wizard without saving your entries.

Complete the Operation

  • You now have a request structure and a response structure.

To complete your operation, Click one of the Buttons under Use in an Integration in the upper right corner of the screen:

  • Create Operation
  • Create Request
  • Create Response

The operation or response is created via the Text to XML Transformation Wizard.

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Last updated:  May 25, 2021