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Before you can create Microsoft CRM functions in Jitterbit, you must create at least one Microsoft CRM endpoint. The Microsoft CRM Connector technology is built into Jitterbit, and creating an endpoint is your first step in activating this capability.

  • Click the Orange Jigsaw Icon in the main menu and Select New Microsoft CRM Endpoint from the resulting pop-up:

  • A dialogue for endpoint creation appears:


Choose a Name for your endpoint and enter it in this field.

Connection Parameters

Discovery Service URL

The IP address or hostname where the Microsoft CRM endpoint is located.


The login name used in connecting to the Microsoft CRM endpoint.


The password for connection to the Microsoft CRM endpoint.

When you click the Password… button, a dialogue opens and displays a window to type the password, and a checkbox labeled "Show password."

You can check the checkbox to display the password in cleartext instead of masking it.

Connectivity Type

Use the drop-down to specify the Connectivity Type required to resolve the login name.

Organization Unique Name

The organization name used in accessing the endpoint. Make sure the name is unique to avoid receiving inappropriate data results.

Domain Name

Depending on the Connectivity type, this field may or may not be required.

  • After completing your connection parameters, click the Test Connection button. You will receive a progress report, which should be followed by a success message.
  • Save your endpoint configuration before continuing.

Last updated:  Nov 07, 2019