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This is a list of plugins currently available in Jitterbit Harmony. All of the plugins are available for use on Jitterbit Private Agents. Plugins available for a Cloud Agent Group are indicated with a blue background.

For a list of plugins available in Jitterbit Harmony, log in to the Harmony Portal, choose Management Console, then hover over Customizations and select Plug-ins.

PluginPlugin NameDescriptionAvailable on Cloud Agent Group
AES EncryptionJitterbit AES EncryptionEncrypts and decrypts using AES algorithm. The plugin can be used for decrypting encrypted Source files, encrypting Target files, or encrypting or decrypting data elements in a Script.
Amazon S3 SOAP SignerAmazon S3 SOAP SignerInserts a timestamp and signature element in a web service SOAP request made to the Amazon S3 API. It takes as input the user’s secret access key, and optionally the name of the web service operation.
AS2Jitterbit AS2Adds support for certain AS2 functionality.
AWS S3 CreateJitterbit AWS S3 CreateUploads a file to an S3 bucket.Yes
AWS S3 GetJitterbit AWS S3 GetDownloads files from an S3 bucket.Yes
Control Character ReplacerControl Character ReplacerReplaces all control characters in input files with a given string.
CSV File SplitterCSV File SplitterSplits an incoming CSV file into one or more output files. The default behavior is to write each record of the incoming file to a separate output file. By defining one or more primary keys you can group the incoming records, so that all records with the same primary key values are written to the same output file.
CSV Splitter 2CSV Splitter 2Splits based upon specified size. Filenames are based upon a base name: base_file_name_00001.csv, base_file_name_00002.csv, etc.
DB UpdateDB UpdateProvides batch insert/update of a database from a file, or to create a Control File to run Oracle SQL Loader.
EBCDIC To ASCIIEBCDIC To ASCIIConverts an IBM EBCDIC file to a plain US-ASCII file. The record_length, if set, is used to split the file into one record per line.
File MergerJitterbit File MergerMerges all source text or target text files into one single text file. The current implementation uses the platform's default encoding for reading and writing the files. The text files are merged in alphabetical order (ignoring case).Yes
Groovy RunnerGroovy RunnerExecutes Groovy. The script to run is provided in the data element “groovy.script”, or in a local file with the path given by “groovy.file”. The return value is stored in the output variable groovy.return”.
HMAC-SHA1 GeneratorJitterbit HMAC-SHA1 GeneratorGenerates a message signature using the SHA-1 hash function. The signature is returned as a hex-encoded string in the output data element Jitterbit.HMACSHA1.Signature.Yes
HMAC-SHA256 GeneratorJitterbit HMAC-SHA256 GeneratorGenerates a message signature using the SHA-256 hash function. The signature is returned as a hex-encoded string in the output data element Jitterbit.HMACSHA256.Signature.Yes
HTML Form EncoderHTML Form EncoderURL encodes the contents of a CSV file and writes the result either to the data element Jitterbit.HtmlFormEncoder.Encoded or writes it to the original file, depending on the value of the data element Jitterbit.HtmlFormEncoder.Mode.
Line Break CleanerLine Break CleanerCleans line breaks in a file with segments. Segments and delimiter are taken as input.
OASIS Web Service SecurityOASIS Web Service SecurityAppends a WSS ( security header to a webservice request. The header includes a UserNameToken element, with the user name and password specified in the web service definition that was created in the integration project. Optionally, the header will also include a Timestamp element. See the list of data elements for configurable options.Yes
OAuth Google Service AccountJitterbit OAuth - Google - Service AccountAuthenticates with Google's implementation of OAuth 2 for service accounts, placing the auth token in the variable google.oauth.token.auth and the expiration amount of seconds in the variable google.oauth.token.expireSeconds.Yes
PGP DecryptJitterbit PGP DecryptionDecrypts PGP-encrypted source files.Yes
PGP EncryptJitterbit PGP EncryptionEncrypts using PGP clear text target files.Yes
POP3 File ReaderPOP3 File ReaderChecks for messages on a specified POP3 account. Pulls the next unread message, extracts any attached files, and passes them on to the next Jitterbit processing step.
Prepend DataJitterbit Prepend DataPrepends the contents of the data element DataToPrepend to each output file. Can also be used for appending using the DataToAppend data element.
Run CommandJitterbit - Run CommandRuns a command, with optional arguments.
Run Command On FileJitterbit - Run Command On FileRuns a specific command, once for each input file.
Send Email With AttachmentSend Email With AttachmentProvides support for sending emails, with target files as attachments.
Siebel OnDemand LoginSiebel OnDemand - LoginProvides login to a Siebel OnDemand server. The login call returns a session ID from a cookie. The session ID is stored in an output data element with the name.
Split XML by ValueSplit XML by ValueSplit XML input file based on the value of a node. All nodes with the same value of this node are grouped in one file.
UnixToDosJitterbit UnixToDosChanges line terminators to DOS format (CRLF).Yes
UnzipJitterbit UnzipUnzips one or more source files. Supports flat ZIP archives and GZIP files.Yes
UTF-8 File EncoderJitterbit UTF-8 File EncoderConverts a file with a specified encoding to and from UTF-8. Source files are encoded from the specified encoding to UTF-8. Target files are encoded from UTF-8 to the specified encoding.Yes
XSL TransformJitterbit XSL TransformApplies an XSL Transform (XSLT) stylesheet to an input file.
Zip ArchiveJitterbit Zip ArchiveCreates a ZIP archive from one or more input files.Yes