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The Jitterbit PrependData plugin is used to prepend the contents of the global variable DataToPrepend to each output file. It can also be used for appending using the DataToAppend global variable.


There are two versions of this plugin available:

  • Jitterbit PrependData
    As of the Harmony 10.10 release, this version is identical to version
  • Jitterbit PrependData
    This is the latest version. As of the Harmony 10.10 release, this version can be used with both Windows and Linux Agents. Previously, this version was not supported on Linux Agents.

Global Variables

DataToPrependStringOptionalThe string that will be added to the beginning of the file, prior to all other data. As of version 1.3.0, a carriage return is required for this variable.  If you are running the plugin on Windows, enter "\r\n" for the carriage return.  If you are running the plugin on Linux, enter "\n" for the carriage return.
DataToAppendStringOptionalThe string that will be added to the end of the file, after all of the other data.
LineBreakStyleStringOptionalChanges all line breaks in the data to prepend (or append) to a specified line break style. Valid values are: windows, unix, linux or mac. Any different value (except an empty string) will give an error.
AddLineBreakBooleanOptionalAdds a line break after the DataToPrepend variable. The line break style can be set using the LineBreakStyle variable.