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Release Notes

Data Loader

Data Loader is Jitterbit’s free product used for integrating data with Salesforce. Log in to the Jitterbit Harmony Portal and access the Downloads page for the latest version of Data Loader.

For information on upgrading from Data Loader to our flagship product Jitterbit Harmony, see our Webinar on Upgrading and the Data Loader Upgrade Webinar FAQ, Part 1 and Part 2.

For support, ask the Data Loader community or check the Data Loader documentation.

Release Notes

Jitterbit Legacy v5

Jitterbit Legacy v5 is the legacy Jitterbit product. For information on upgrading to Harmony, see Upgrading from Jitterbit v5.x to Harmony and Getting StartedDownload the latest version of the v5.x Studio and v5.x Jitterbit Server at Customer Downloads.

For support, visit Getting Support.

Release Notes