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The Jitterbit Harmony SAP Connector allows you to create and connect with SAP endpoints to use SAP functions and data for use in Jitterbit integrations. You can use native SAP communication technology to interact with BAPIs, RFCs, and IDocs to retrieve information and launch processes. Like other Jitterbit operations, creation of SAP functions is wizard-driven once you create the endpoints.

NOTE: These files are included in the Jitterbit Private Agent installer (version and above). This page presents information on the installed components of the SAP Connector and is intended as a troubleshooting reference.

Adapter Libraries

This table lists the components of the SAP Connector included in the Jitterbit Private Agent installer (version and above) that enable you to create SAP endpoints and functions. The file locations on Jitterbit Harmony Private Agents in the Jitterbit Agent folder are listed in the second column.


Located in Jitterbit Agent Folder (JITTERBIT_HOME)*



Both files in Windows: \Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Agent\tomcat\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\bin\

Both files in Linux: /opt/jitterbit/tomcat/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib


Windows: \Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Agent\bin\sapjco3.dll

Linux: /opt/jitterbit/lib/


  • The DLL must be version 720.94 or above.
  • The sapjco3.dll file must be compatible with IA32 architecture (Intel 32-bit). This is true even on a 64-bit Windows OS, as Jitterbit currently requires a 32-bit Java Runtime Environment on Windows.

* Substitute the file path of your Jitterbit Private Agent if different on your computer as appropriate, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Agent\ (for Windows) or /opt/jitterbit/ (for Linux)

These components are included in the Jitterbit Private Agent installer (version and above), The components can be overwritten by newer versions as needed. If this becomes necessary, follow the steps below.


  1. Make a backup copy of the existing files.
  2. Stop the Tomcat server.
  3. Copy the new version to the appropriate folder as shown in the table above.
  4. Restart the Tomcat server.


If you receive an error message when testing a newly created SAP endpoint connection, read the details carefully. Check the folder on your computer where the private agent is installed to make sure the SAP components are in place.

Note: A few customers have experienced issues connecting to SAP using the components included in the Private Agent installer. The Itanium sapjco3 component for Linux 64-bit is available to download if required. Follow the installation steps outlined above to install this component.

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Last updated:  Aug 05, 2019