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NOTE: This plugin is not necessary in Jitterbit Harmony Design Studio, as the functionality to create an email target type is available. Please see Email Target for instructions.

Provides support for sending emails, with target files as attachments. Note: BCC is currently unavailable.

SendEmail.HoststringtrueThe SMTP server.
SendEmail.SSLboolfalseSSL usage.
SendEmail.UserNamestringfalseThe user name required by the SMTP server for authentication. Does not have to be provided if the server does not require a user name.
SendEmail.PasswordstringfalseThe password of the user. Does not have to be provided if the server does not require a password.
SendEmail.PortintfalseThe port used by the SMTP server.
SendEmail.TostringtrueThe recipient's email address.
SendEmail.CCstringfalseA comma-separated list of CC email addresses.
SendEmail.FromstringtrueThe sender's email address.
SendEmail.ReplyTostringfalseThe reply-to email address. If not specified, SendEmail.From will be used as reply-to.
SendEmail.SubjectstringfalseThe message subject (optional).
SendEmail.TextstringfalseThe message text (optional). If the message text starts with <html>, the email will be sent with the text/html content type.
SendEmail.AttachmentName[_N]stringfalseSince this plugin is used pre-target, the target files still have the temporary names that they are given by the Jitterbit server in the operation. (The files will be given their "real" names, as defined by the operation's Target once they are moved to the that target location.) If you want to set your own names of the attached files you can do so by setting this data element. If there is only one target file, use "SendEmail.AttachmentName" to set its name. If there are more than one target files, use "SendEmail.AttachmentName_2", "SendEmail.AttachmentName_3", etc, to set the names of the second, third, etc, file. This is a workaround for the lack of array support in the Jitterbit plugin SDK. In a future version of the SDK you will be able to pass an array data element as input to the plugin. 
SendEmail.OneAttachmentPerEmailboolfalseControls the behavior if more than one attachment file is to be sent. If the value of this data element is TRUE, one email per target file will be sent. If the value of this data element is FALSE, all target files will be attached to a single email. The default value of this data element is FALSE.
SendEmail.SendIfNoAttachmentsboolfalseControls the behavior if there are no target files. If the value of data element is TRUE, an email without attachements will be sent. If the value of this data element is FALSE, no email will be sent. The default value of this data element is FALSE.
SendEmail.LogLevelstringfalseSets the logging level for this plugin. Logging is turned off by default. The value should be one of the built in levels defined by java.util.logging.Level (see The plugin log can be found under the <JITTERBIT_HOME>/log/plugin/.
SendEmail.RetriesintfalseSet to the number of times you want to try sending the email if the initial attempt fails. The default is to not try to send it after an initial failure.
SendEmail.RetryWaitSecondsintfalseSet to the number of seconds to wait between each retry attempt. Only used if SendEmail.Retries > 0. The default is to wait one minute (60 seconds) between retries.